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New year, new job -- yay! [13 Jan 2004|05:50pm]

I meant to post this last week, but things got away from me, as they have been wont to do recently.

The reason I've been mostly absent since November is that I was interviewing for several jobs in December. The last week of the year, I got an offer, and I'm going to be starting at a new company at the end of this month *dances*.

I'm really excited about the new job. It's more money, a better working environment, the whole nine yards. To those of you who are currently looking for work, I offer some measure of hope -- I received more offers/interviews/hits on my resume in the month of December alone than in the previous nine months I searched. Looks like that economic recovery is *finally* coming to pass.

Anyway, with all of this change comes the inevitable lack of free time, which is why I've been pretty much invisible here of late. I'm guessing that will continue while I'm doing the weekly travel/temporary housing shuffle, as well as settling into the new job, new home, etc.

Just wanted to share my excitement, and explain myself so no one would think I'd been kidnapped by gypsies or anything *g*. If y'all need to get in touch with me, I'll be reachable by email *hugs*

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Fic -- Smallville Holiday Challenge [05 Jan 2004|12:39pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

I've been away from LJ again (did'ja notice? LOL) due to RL stuff. I have more news to post, but it'll have to wait until after work since I'm just doing this quick-like over my lunch break.

This story was for the Smallville Holiday Challenge. Requested by svmadelyn: "Lex is tired of spending Christmas alone" (Clark/Lex). Hope you liked it, Madelyn! *hugs*

A Long DecemberCollapse )

I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the entries from the Challenge. I haven't even read what was written for me yet *shakes head*. Anyway... more from me later. Missed you guys! *hugs*

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Gayest. Toys. EVER. [08 Dec 2003|11:15pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I've been on LJ vacation again. The holidays always kill my free time in a big way. Hope everyone in the states had a great Thanksgiving!

I found something tonight and have to share it, because dude... *boggles*. I went looking for information on Justice League toys (because I am 12 *g*) and found out that Mattel has designed the gayest. Toys. EVER. for release in early 2004.

Check. This. Out.

happyminion and I had a chat conversation that went something like this:

andariell: Bats in PURPLE?????
happyminion: whoa, must go see.
andariell: He looks terribly gay in that
andariell: And check out Clark's BOOTS
happyminion: okay, bats in purple looks stupid...but Andy...look at those green...square things behind Supes.
andariell: *giggles hysterically*
happyminion: Ummm
happyminion: Do you see penises on them?
andariell: DUDE
andariell: Bwahahaha!
andariell: OH GOD
andariell: Yeah
andariell: Phallic as all hell
andariell: KIDS TOYS
andariell: *boggles*
andariell: That's like the penis castle on the movie poster for The Little Mermaid
andariell: And dude, the accent colors on Bats... that is dark pink
andariell: *giggles hysterically*
happyminion: PENISES!
happyminion: Andy, you have uncovered filth!
andariell: Bruce would not be caught DEAD in that
happyminion: *giggles*
happyminion: These are the gayest toys EVER
andariell: Look at Supes's launcher thing
andariell: MORE PENISES
andariell: Is the little tube thing pumping lube into the launcher?
happyminion: Bahahaha
andariell: Good god
happyminion: *falls out*
happyminion: oh my GOD.
happyminion: *shrieks*
andariell: GAY TOYS
happyminion: So so so so SO wrong.
andariell: *laughs hysterically*
happyminion: Oh my god, this is the dirtiest toy ever. *still giggling.
happyminion: You must email this to Lyra and Nifra. Or maybe even put it in LJ as your contribution.
andariell: Dude, it IS
happyminion: I will pimp it.
happyminion: I swear I'll point the world towards it.
happyminion: As I wheeze and sputter.
andariell: *giggle*
andariell: Well, I haven't posted in eons. May as well return with GAY TOYS
andariell: *giggle*
andariell: *goes to post*
happyminion: You so should! Tiny green peni!
andariell: HEEEEEEE

I'm still cracking up, man. Heeeee!

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Popping in quickly at lunch [14 Nov 2003|12:50pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

Just a reminder -- svmadelyn is still taking submissions for the Smallville Secret Santa challenge. You need to sign up today, so don't wait! You want SV fic or manips for Chirstmas, don't you? Go here for details.

On another note, I've been mostly absent from LJ since Sunday -- a new project has been eating my brain and I needed "LJ time" to work on it. I seriously doubt I'll be able to catch up with all the posts from nearly a week, so if there's something I really need to check out, leave me a link, please? *hugs*

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[07 Nov 2003|11:22pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I owe people replies, and I'll get to those soon (sorry!). This can't wait, though.

Run, don't walk, to lyra_sena's journal and read Fall Into. This fic is just... wow. Words escape me. I left barely coherent feedback for it, and I'm still lacking in words to say how much I adored it. For one thing, Lyra wrote one of the best first kisses I have ever read, in any fandom. Everything that should be there -- the hesitancy, the slow build, the sinking in and just... guh *loves*. More than that, though. The characterization is fantastic, too. Here's my favorite line, just to tempt you without revealing too much.

Clark's voice breaks into him, cloudy and full. "Lex, sometimes life doesn't look at all like how you've decided it should."

Go read -- you won't be disappointed.

Also, I'm realizing that I don't do recs often enough. Usually, that's because I'm reading things eons after everyone else has. I've decided that I'm not going to let that get in the way anymore. It's my journal, so I get to be tardy here LOL.

And! svmadelyn is looking for your opinion about an upcoming fandom project. Go speak your mind in the Smallville Secret Santa Challenge Poll!

*runs off to play in traffic*

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SV [05 Nov 2003|08:17pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Ieeeeee!!!! You know what? I can completely ignore the barf-fest of the flashbacks because spoilerCollapse )

Yes, I am easily pleased. SQUEEEEE!!!

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[04 Nov 2003|05:59pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Item the First -- My email is down right now, because illuminatedtext.com is switching servers. If you need to send me something, use this address for the time being: andariell AT yahoo DOT com

Item the Second -- I urge you all to watch 24 tonight. You are not behind! They are replaying the premiere episode tonight at 8:00 PM EST right before the new one airs at 9:00 PM EST on FOX. I cannot recommend this show strongly enough -- great writing, great acting, great production values. You don't need to have watched the previous seasons to understand what's happening, and I'll certainly be happy to answer any newbie questions if you have them. Watch it! (please?)

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[03 Nov 2003|09:51pm]
[ mood | grateful ]


*loves on semisuper lots and lots*

You are the best, sweetie! Thanks so much for the present *dances*. I'm going to have to come up with a proper thank you gifty *hugs and smooches*

ETA: Sorry I haven't responded to comments yet. I'm trying to get another story done, but I'll try to get back to you all later this evening or tomorrow. *hugs*

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Happy Birthday, goss! [02 Nov 2003|03:29pm]
[ mood | happy ]

You share your gorgeous manips and your enthusiasm. You give us SmallPark which makes all of us squee with love and laughter. I hope you have a day as lovely as you are, sweetie *hugs goss*

A little present, from me to you.

Title: Impressions
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: NC-17

ImpressionsCollapse )

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Justice League [01 Nov 2003|11:32pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Holy. Shit.

Best. Episode. EVER.

*loves on Flash*

I should post something coherent, but I'm guessing LaT has already done that. I'm just going to be a pile of squee.


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audio post [01 Nov 2003|07:08pm]
Powered by audblogaudio post powered by audblog
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Productive! [01 Nov 2003|12:18pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Well, I finally did it. I got my website updated with all the Smallville fic I've written since the last update (February??? *groan*). Here's the reverse-chronoligical list:

Directory Assistance
When Chloe Met Eric (in Celli's Babysitting 'verse)
One Day Out of Life
My Best Friend's Girl
Massage Therapy
Present Tension (Flash Fic challenge)
More Than Paper
Thank You
Let Go (for Tara's Screw Clark challenge)
Going Under

*wipes brow* This is what comes from leaving nine months between updates. Not letting that happen again. I also updated the fic memories here in the LJ.

Still to be done:
Creating a page for other-fandom fics (since I dabble elsewhere occasionally)
Putting up the image gallery
Making a page for LJ icons
Put up a links page (the old one is horrifically out of date)
Submit some fic to the archives
And... probably something else I'm forgetting

Now that the update is done, I'm going to go read some LJ. Reward! Then, I really need to get some writing done... if I can figure out which WiP wants to talk today.

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[28 Oct 2003|10:22pm]
[ mood | shocked ]


Just watched 24

Am freaking out.

My poor Kiefer!! How could they do that to my Jack? *cries*

I'll be coherent eventually, promise.

But dude... dude, my show ROCKS (even when it makes me blither like an idiot).

Umm... any other 24-philes out there? I so need to talk to someone about the ep. I'm still shaking...


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Happy birthday, _nepthys_!!! [23 Oct 2003|07:10pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Before the season started, several Exile pics showed up at K-site. One in particular was of Clark in a phone booth (you know the one; the pic that launched a thousand LJ icons *G*), and it sent my mind to a very dirty place. The chat chicks seemed to like this, so I figured I'd finish it and share. While inspired by the pic, this has no spoilery content from Exile.

Title: Directory Assistance
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Um, it's a PWP. Phone sex.
Spoilers: None
Notes: Happy birthday, _nepthys_ -- hope you like! Also for semisuper's Talk Dirty To Me challenge (if it's still open). Thanks to lyra_sena for the beta.
Feedback: Makes me smile. Please click the comment button, if you are so inclined.

Directory AssistanceCollapse )

Gah... I need to update my website. Weekend project *nods*

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[22 Oct 2003|08:26pm]
[ mood | high ]

Chatting with echoskeleton during "Slumber"

Read more...Collapse )

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Love to the Betas! [14 Oct 2003|08:46pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

In honor of Beta Appreciation Day, I'm passing out some thanks to the current crop. They listen to me grumble. They correct my faults. They are more appreciated than I can express in words *loves on the betas*

happyminion who always says yes when I cry for help and never lets me get away with writing an easy ending that doesn't work.

lyra_sena who doesn't listen when I say "It's just porn." She makes sure I don't cut corners, ever.

nifra_idril who knows where and when to cut my disturbing abuse of descriptive phrases. Ahhh, simplicity.

tstar78 who makes me giggle by teasing me about my typos as well as correcting them.

Thanks also to the audiencers (including the four ladies above), who suffer through my tense shifts and bizarre typos when I write in AIM: kormanfan, celli, mistiec, and others I know I'm forgetting, since I'm currently brain-dead.

The betas of the past are also thanked and sent much love *hugs and smooches*

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[12 Oct 2003|07:09pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Thanks to the weird work hours this week, I feel like I've been squished by a steamroller. No energy and minimal brain function. One day I will feel human again. Despite that, I cannot wait any longer to do this:

Happy Birthday _nepthys_!! I hope it was all you wished it to be and more *hugs hugs hugs*. Thanks for all the sharing you do with us. Your fannish generosity is a marvelous thing to behold.

Umm... when my brain comes back, I will make you something *nods*. Drop me a comment if there's anything specific you want and I'll see what I can do, kay? *smooch*

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[10 Oct 2003|06:13pm]
[ mood | weird ]

I've been really remiss in doing the birthday greeting thing on LJ, but I think I've found a solution. I've made the portal my default home page, so that I see upcoming birthdays whenever I log in. Yeah, I just figured this out. Quick on the uptake am I, no? *snerk* Anyway, we'll see how long I manage this without missing someone.

First up! Happy birthday valisme! I hope the day gives you all the bright, shiny things you desire *smooch*

In other news, working this off-shift schedule is starting to catch up with me. I woke up 2 hours ago and have been consuming a constant stream of caffeinated beverages (side note: LJ thinks I mean "decaffeinated" here. Um, no; spell checker knows the derivative word but not the word itself? *rolls eyes*), but my head is still all fuzzy and unable to focus properly. If I told you the number of typos I've made so far while writing this entry? It is to laugh. Or groan. Or... whatever. Like I said, mucho fuzziness. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to accomplish at work. Eleven PM tonight to seven AM Saturday morning...

I volunteered to cover graveyard shift? Someone send the men in little white coats, because I am clearly overdue for consignment to the cracker factory.

While at work last night (8PM-4AM), I flirted with cute maintenance dude. Upon waking earlier, I had to wonder if the cute factor stemmed from the fact that I was sleep-goggling (similar to beer-goggling except not alcohol induced) rather than there being actual cuteness. Will have to look for him tonight for verification.

I have about a zillion fannish things I should be doing right now, so I'm really hoping the brain shifts into gear sometime soon. Gah...

Apologies for not answering comments yet. It's on the list for when I have mental functions back, promise.

I need new icons. I need a Chloe/Eric, a Chloe/Faith, a new CLex, probably some others. I really should pull out the image maker, but anything I made right now would be undoubtedly hideous with the being unable to see clearly thing. Most of my icons have been the same for eons, though I doubt I'll remove my Jennifer any time soon *points to default icon*. She's so pretty *happy sigh*

Good lord, I've slipped into complete randomness now. Will go have more coffee and stop spamming LJ.

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Thanks! [08 Oct 2003|11:17am]
[ mood | loved ]

I had a great day yesterday, and it's all because of you! My birthday fell at a very stressful time (work-wise) for me this year, so all the LJ wishes, the e-cards, the emails, and the gifts made the day even more special than it would have been otherwise. Thank you to everyone who took the time to give me a smile yesterday! *hugs smooches adores*

I'm going to post a list of the wonderful things people gave me. I'm doing this in order of their postings, and I'm hoping I don't miss anything. Feel free to poke me if I mess up *G* (Sekrit message to my chat girl -- I don't care about late! It's worth the waiting for! *nods a lot*)

nifra_idril surprised me big time with a tasty bit of Chloe/Faith in Statement of Intent. Wheeeee! Sparring and snark and I love it! This is a scene from the Crash Into You universe that Nif and I are writing, and this ficlet provided me with many happy images and much inspiration.

hackthis wrote me a wonderful poem that made me giggle and smile and go "awww!". Pure Z genius and hilarity, right there.

lapetite_kiki made a beautiful MR manip and icon that I adored and drooled over.

lunaris_ sent the geek squad over with birthday wishes. Squeee!

digitalwave wrote a wonderful

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<a [...] ">') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

<p>I had a <b>great</b> day yesterday, and it's all because of <a href = "http://www.livejournal.com/users/andariell/friends">you</a>! My birthday fell at a very stressful time (work-wise) for me this year, so all the LJ wishes, the e-cards, the emails, and the gifts made the day even more special than it would have been otherwise. Thank you to everyone who took the time to give me a smile yesterday! *hugs smooches adores*

I'm going to post a list of the wonderful things people gave me. I'm doing this in order of their postings, and I'm hoping I don't miss anything. Feel free to poke me if I mess up *G* (Sekrit message to my chat girl -- I don't care about late! It's worth the waiting for! *nods a lot*)

<lj user = "nifra_idril"> surprised me big time with a tasty bit of Chloe/Faith in <a href = "http://www.livejournal.com/users/nifra_idril/26151.html">Statement of Intent</a>. Wheeeee! Sparring and snark and I love it! This is a scene from the <a href = "http://www.livejournal.com/users/andariell/49141.html">Crash Into You</a> universe that Nif and I are writing, and this ficlet provided me with many happy images and much inspiration.

<lj user = "hackthis"> wrote me a <a href = "http://www.livejournal.com/users/hackthis/141133.html">wonderful poem</a> that made me giggle and smile and go "awww!". Pure Z genius and hilarity, right there.

<lj user = "lapetite_kiki"> made a beautiful <a href = "http://www.livejournal.com/users/lapetite_kiki/23770.html">MR manip and icon</a> that I adored and drooled over.

<lj user = "blunaris"> sent <a href = "http://www.livejournal.com/users/blunaris/225380.html">the geek squad</a> over with birthday wishes. Squeee!

<lj user = "digitalwave"> wrote a wonderful <a href =
">Martha POV ficlet</a> for me (contains Exile spoilers). Martha is a wonderful mom, and this story stands as proof of that.

<lj user = "happyminion"> made me cry. Me! The person who can count on one hand the number of SV stories that have made me cry, but Wendi did it. <a href = "http://www.livejournal.com/users/happyminion/153741.html">Kiss The Rain</a> shows Lex post-Exile, vulnerable and struggling to cope. The ending started my tears falling *sniffles*.

<lj user = "goss"> sent a <a href = "http://www.livejournal.com/users/goss/85361.html">cupcake by special delivery</a>. <b>Very</b> special delivery. *licks again*

<lj user = "dolimir"> gifted me with <a href = "http://www.livejournal.com/users/dolimir/156599.html">the latest segment in the Mercy Chronicles</a>. Bedtime story -- heee!

<lj user = "celli"> (with an assist from <lj user = "tstar78"> *winks at Caro*) gave me a wonderful surprise! Eric fic! *dances* <a href = "
http://www.livejournal.com/users/celli/242200.html">Imperfectly Human</a> joins the <a href = "http://fanfic101.com/babysitting/">Babysitting'verse</a> crew on the night of Lex's election to the Senate. I adore Eric, and having a gift of fic from his POV written by Celli makes me so very giddy.

Go give these creative, generous folks some love, kay? And wow... that's a lot of links LOL. You all seriously rock my socks off. I have the best friends ever! *loves all over everyone*

I hope you all enjoy Phoenix! I'm sure I will when I finally see it around 1:30 AM *smites job*
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Just curious... [30 Sep 2003|09:29pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Am I the only person who is too far from any of the gatherings to be able to go? Will anyone else be watching the SV premiere alone tomorrow night and be available for AIM chat?

*hears crickets chirp*

Yeah, that's what I thought

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